Teaching reading

Boy on grass readingHow do you assist students struggling with basic comprehension? How can you help them develop a broad vocabulary? Do your students need to improve their simple and complex inferring skills? What if they won’t read?  What if there are many students who need help in your class? This practical, research based workshop just might have the answers you are seeking.

Venue and date

No current date is scheduled. Please come again soon – or book now to have this presented in your school.


The seminar runs for approx. 5 hours. Shorter version are available on request.


Primary and Secondary teachers across the curriculum

Outline of day

  • Key strategies for literacy
  • Critically analysing classroom interactions
  • Gradual release of responsibility
  • Think-aloud modelling
  • Developing vocabulary: Vocabutrees; Vocabulary wheels; Four Corners
  • Reading prosody and a new look at prediction
  • Active processing text
  • Making meaningful connections
  • QARs, Three level guides and Futures Wheels
  • Questioning circles
  • Hillock’s Questioning Hierarchy
  • Five alternatives to chapter questions
  • An introduction to the ‘Reading to Learn’ model: PIE
  • Teaching so that it matters: Use of enquiry questions; the SmartPlan

The workshop incorporates practical suggestions for using grammar to help improve students’ reading abilities.

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