Practical Grammar

boy-pulling-facesImproving student literacy results depends (in part) on the capacity of teachers to draw on explicit knowledge about language for practical purposes. So, join us in a seminar that will deepen your understanding of what really counts and gather plenty of practical, multi-sensory ideas to make a real difference to your students.

Dates and venues

No scheduled dates at present. Come again soon or ask the English Teacher Guru to present this workshop at your school at a time that suits you.


The seminar runs for approx. 5 hours. Shorter version are available on request.


Primary and Secondary teachers who have some knowledge of grammar and want practical ideas for using grammar in the classroom. The perfect accompaniment to EQ’s Lang Lit course and a great follow-up to our own ‘Essential grammar’ workshop, we use a judicious blend of traditional and functional grammar.

Outline of day

  • What really counts, especially in NAPLAN and the Year 12 Writing Task? What aspects of language are critical for success? (The answers might surprise you!)
  • The Context-Text model and core literacy teaching strategies
  • Practical and engaging ideas for developing knowledge about grammar
  • A critical examination of the writing process – using grammar for practical purposes, including: helping students with paragraphing; writing in more depth; using grammatical metaphor to ‘sound smarter’; sentence combining; writing with authority; using the writing conference more effectively
  • Practical and engaging ideas for using grammar to teach reading, including more effective predicting; developing inferential reading skills; critical evaluation
  • Planning: pulling it all together
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