Pearson Teaching and Learning Conference

Sessions Delivered

In 2014, Lindsay Williams delivered a number of workshops about the Australian Curriculum around the country as part of a Pearson’s Teaching and Learning Conference.

Session 1: Explicit Modelling of Writing Across Learning Areas

Good writing requires lots of exposure to and analysis of good writing.

Abstract: In general terms, explicit teaching involves three basic elements: modelling, guided practice and independent practice. Literacy development involves very specific application of these elements. In this workshop the focus will be on showing students how to write, i.e. modelling writing via thinkalouds and joint construction. The workshop will be highly practical and hands-on with participants working with the presenter to create a piece of academically-oriented writing.

Session handout: Explicit Modelling of Writing Across Learning Areas

Session 2: Higher Order Thinking and Literacy

Teachers need to actively promote higher order thinking to improve writing.

Abstract: Even after explicit teaching, many students still produce bland, formulaic writing. This may be occurring because the teaching has emphasised an understanding and reproduction of typical structures of writing. Instead, students need to learn how to analyse and evaluate new writing contexts in order to use these structures to create new texts that respond effectively to new audiences and situations. Therefore, this workshop will explore how to harness the power of higher order thinking in order to improve students’ writing results (including for NAPLAN and the QCS Writing Task).

Session handout: Higher Order Thinking and Literacy

Sample of Developmental Writing Program: Writing Program edited web version (Note well: You will only be able to view this document on screen. If you would like a full copy, please contact

Session 3: Writing a Clear Task Description for Assessment

Helping students meet the challenge of assessment.

Helping students meet the challenge of assessment.

Abstract: Task descriptions for student assessment need to be clear, concise and informative. This workshop will explore an approach to writing task descriptions that provides more effective scaffolding for students, links to the model of language underpinning the Literacy general capability in the Australian Curriculum, and integrates Queensland’s Common Curriculum Elements. The focus is on tasks requiring some type of final product, usually a written or spoken assignment (although the approach suggested can be readily adapted to many practical outcomes as well).

Session handout: Task sheet Design

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