Essential grammar

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Workshop title

Essential grammar knowledge and practice for all teachers

Who is it for?

Any teacher wishing to acquire essential grammatical knowledge.

What is it about?

This popular, activity-based workshop will draw on both traditional and functional grammar to provide teachers with a core knowledge of major features of the English language, including:

  • The Context-text model
  • Major word classes (and sub-types, where relevant), e.g. noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, determiner/article, preposition, conjunction
  • Phrase, clause and sentence, including major types of clause (e.g. principal, independent, dependent) and sentence  (simple, compound and complex)
  • Process, Participant, Circumstance, Noun group
  • Mood and rudimentary elements of the Appraisal system (including modality)
  • Cohesion, theme (incl. active and passive voice) and nominalization
  • Some common problems, e.g.: subject-verb agreement; tense consistency; split infinitives; use of subject and object pronouns; use of however and but; comma splice and so on.
  • Useful resources-displayed throughout the day

Activities completed by teachers throughout the day can be easily adapted to any year level or subject.

What do other say about this seminar?

“Quickly moving, engaging, explained clearly and simply without too much jargon”

“Interesting, informative and well presented”

“Great refresher – I did the literacy training 2 years ago. Great links to NAPLAN – as I marked the writing last year and all the content covered will benefit children’s progress”

“Practical activities, concepts well explained, explicitly teaching topics”

“I liked that I could work with my peers to check for understanding”

“Useful links to QCS Test”

Loved “the opportunity to look at Traditional and Functional Grammar together…and the application of Functional Grammar and its ’simplification’. It was presented in a user-friendly manner”.

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