Audacity website – review

July 4, 2008

Who is it for? Teachers and students

What is it about? This site exists mainly to provide web users with a portal to download some excellent and absolutely free software, ‘Audacity’. This is a sound recording and editing program. Easy to download and use, it allows users to lay down and mix various audio tracks – sound recording, music, sound effects etc. For a complete list of features, see: The only extra equipment (besides a computer) that you need is a microphone – but many computers have these built in these days and mobile phones and some MP3 players, of course, can be used to record voice digitally.

How can it be used? This is the twenty-first century solution for teachers wanting students to ‘record an oral’. These type of mediated tasks have always been popular in English, but have required specialist equipment for a professional sounding result. This program will allow students to produce their own sound files and experiment with the blending of various tracks to produce desired results. For instance, a student could record a the vocal for a poetry reading on their mobile phone while sitting in their bedroom, upload it (with ease!) to ‘Audacity’ and locate and add sound effects and music in order to position listeners in particular ways. This is an excellent piece of software highly recommended for use in schools.

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