QCS Writing Task

Help your students climb the mountain that is the QCS Writing Task – and achieve success.

Benefits of our QCST workshop and staff development program

  • Makes visible the  “secrets” of high achieving students
  • Elaborates and explains the official criteria
  • Provides a unique linguistics perspective on the Writing Task
  • Offers reliable, accurate and specific advice based on research
  • Emphasises lifting the results of mid-range students and getting struggling students ‘over the line’
  • Provides students and staff with clear directions for development

What we offer students

For the past five years, we have been delivering high quality, practical workshops aimed at helping students maximise their chances on Queensland’s QCS Writing Task. These cover topics such as:

  • An Introduction to the Writing Task
  • The First Ten Minutes (Generating Ideas for Writing)
  • The Seven Secrets Students Need to Know Before September
  • Writing Better Essays
  • Making a Good Draft Great
  • Grammar and Punctuation Review.

What we offer teachers

All of these workshops can also be adapted for teachers. In addition, we offer a workshop aimed at helping teachers provide students with more specific feedback on practise Writing Tasks.

For more information…

QCST Preparation Program 2013


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