English Teaching Survival Manual

English Teaching Survival Manual Volume 1

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Plain English advice & step-by-step strategies for beginning teachers, non-specialist teachers, contract teachers & experienced teachers seeking fresh ideas.

Two volumes packed with helpful information & practical, creative ideas!

Volume One (Second Edition)

▪ The Context-text model explained in plain English

▪ Checklist for starting at a new school

▪ Planning effective, well structured lessons

▪ The first few days with a new English class

▪ Over 80 activities for before, during & after reading

This volume has recently been completely revised and includes new activities and expanded sections. The second edition is available NOW! Features of the new edition include:

  • Extensive revision, editing and updating
  • A continued focus on enduring features of English teaching that are easily adapted to cater for any state or national syllabus document
  • A special focus on literature and the development of the imagination
  • Clear demonstrations of grammar teaching in context
  • Over 80 activities that you can use in the classrooms, including new activities to promote complex inferential comprehension
  • New photocopiable worksheets and overhead transparencies
  • Expanded index to help you find information more easily
  • New appendices, including a brief definition of key grammatical terms and an explanation of the book’s basis in sound, theory, research and approaches


▪ Over 60 activities for before, during & after writing

▪ Communicating task requirements clearly & plainly

▪ Getting group work to work

▪ Helping students with special needs

▪ Ten ideas for last period Friday

Benefits include:

▪ Syllabus-neutral ways of working with students & texts

▪ Sound basis in up-to-date theory and research

▪ Focus on literature & development of the imagination

▪ Demonstrations of teaching grammar in context

▪ Step by step instructions and lots of practical examples

▪ Photocopiable worksheets & overheads

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English Teaching Survival Manual(s)

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