Narrative Writing Anthology

Good writing requires lots of exposure to and analysis of good writing.

Good writing requires lots of exposure to and analysis of good writing.

Just released, the Narrative Writing Anthology is designed to provide students with models of the types of short narratives they typically produce in the lower secondary school, and for demand writing tasks (such as the Australian NAPLAN test).

Key Features:

  • 8 original, school-friendly stories on a range of topics.
  • The stories model writing for restricted lengths, i.e. from 350 to 1500 words.
  • The stories are aspirational, but there are stories appropriate for a range of levels.
  • Four of the stories include a second longer version. This will allow students to reflect on the choices made, especially in evaluating details which are essential and optional.
  • The inclusion of helpful, practical resources to assist with the writing of narratives, including: strategies for generating ideas and planning ¬†stories; hints on selecting names of characters; a feedback checklist for self and peer evaluation (based on the NAPLAN marking criteria).
  • The booklet will be provided in electronic form, as both a Word and PDF document.
  • Once purchased by a school, the whole resource is photocopiable.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Story 1: The Girl with Golden Hair: A Prequel (two versions)
  • Story 2: Incursion (two versions)
  • Story 3: The Choice (two versions)
  • Story 4: The Sink Hole (two versions)
  • Story 5: No Service
  • Story 6: The Red Flower
  • Story 7: Angelica
  • Story 8: Band Aid
  • Appendix One: Features of Compressed Narratives (Handout)
  • Appendices Two and Three: Brainstorming and Developing Ideas for a Narrative
  • Appendix Four: Exemplar Narrative Showing Global Structure and Phases
  • Appendix Five: Planning Template for a Narrative
  • Appendix Six: Feedback Checklist

Here is a sample of pages from the anthology: Narrative Anthology Sample

Cost: $AUD77 – this single price gives you the right to make multiple copies of some or all pages in the booklet. In particular, you may:

  1. Upload this document to the intranet of the school which purchased the anthology.
  2. Allow the anthology to be accessed by students and teachers whilst they are employed at or attending the school.
  3. Modify materials ON THE CONDITION that appropriate credit is clearly indicated on the modified materials.
  4. To authorised staff and students (see point 2 above), disseminate the anthology (or extracts) in hard copy form as required.

See the final page of the sample for a full list of what you may and may not do with the booklet once purchased.

To Order: send an email to On receipt of a firm order, you will be sent a tax invoice and the booklet will be made available electronically. If schools require a CD copy, you will be charged an extra $AUD11.00 (including GST).

Professional Development and Student Workshops: Email if you would like workshops delivered at your school to complement the booklet.

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